Farm Charm: Meet the Animals & Sing-A-Long

This adventure is rich with history and learning. Join us at the farmstead where we will meet and feed the charming and cheerful furry friends who live in the farmyard.

Kids love this as we sing our way through the farm while meeting each of the new animal friends and enjoy some animal-themed nursery rhymes together. On our walk, we’ll meet rabbits and roosters, chickens and cows, emus, alpacas, guinea pigs and geese, there is even a deer and a not-so-wild boar. Each child will receive their own bucket of nibbles with which to feed these adorable animals through the fences of their enclosures. Then we will gather together and play a game of animal charades — each adventurer and their guardian will get a chance to pretend to be an animal and the rest of the group will guess — warning: this could get hilarious! It’s off to the farm we go — E, I, E, I, O!

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