What People Do: Veterinarian

Our veterinary hospital loves welcoming Adventure Clubs for our exclusive, behind-the-scenes visit to the vet! All little adventurers can bring their “sick or injured” stuffed animals for the vet to examine and treat.

The animal doctor will role play what a vet does as he assesses their ailments and injuries; giving them band-aids, splints, injections and any other remedy that’s required. He’ll even do a mock surgery on a prepared stuffed animal. (Wait till your kids see this!) After the checkups, kids will be able to put on scrubs and surgical masks if they want a chance to try their hand at “being a vet”. We will take a tour of the animal hospital and even see some of the rehabilitation work they do with injured dogs using very cool equipment like underwater treadmills. We’ll also learn how x-rays help vets do their job, and so much more. This is a great adventure for families who have (or are thinking of getting) a pet — not to mention those little ones who are starting to think about what they want to be when they grow up!


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